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"The Wireless Innovation Forum is a fantastic place for a meeting of the minds of spectrum sharing stakeholders.  WInnForum achieves outstanding results by seeking mutual understanding while pooling the technical and use-case experience of its members."    ̶  Richard Bernhardt, WISPA 

CBRS Information and Standards from the Wireless Innovation Forum Spectrum Sharing Committee

The Spectrum Sharing Committee (SSC) serves as a common industry and government standards body supporting the development and advancement of CBRS spectrum sharing technologies based on a three-tier architecture as defined under the FCC Part 96 rules. While the main initial focus of SSC is CBRS, the Wireless Innovation Forum aims to advance this technology for all applicable spectrum bands that can benefit from it.

The SSC develops  solutions and standards that encourage the rapid development of the CBRS ecosystem, protect incumbent operations, and benefit all potential stakeholders in the band.  

FCC Rules

The WInnForum CBRS Baseline Standards Have Just Been Released

WInnForum is excited to announce a major milestone in the commercialization of the CBRS band with the completion of the full set of specifications required for certification of CBRS equipment.  This watershed event allows the finalization of CBRS products already in various levels of testing and sets the stage for the rollout of commercial CBRS networks.

WInnForum members have invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars in the development of these standards, policies and procedures. The complete library of approved work products can be found here:

Our CBRS Standards

Learn about the Band

The Forum hosts webinars on various aspects of CBRS. All our past webinars can be found on our YouTube page. Check out our latest offering "Transition is Never Easy: Part 90 to 96 Webinar below. 

CBRS Status Summary

Want to come to the table and help create the standards behind the band?

Working groups and their associated task groups develop standards in the phases listed per the SSC Roadmap. To join ourcurrent committee members contact WInnForum CEO, [email protected]